Konspol Group

Konspol Group is the most technologically advanced producer and chicken-processing plant in Poland, and one of European leaders.

The group is composed of four integrated companies:

Pasz Konspol is a state-of-the art, fully computerized feed production plant, whose production capacity reaches 16 tons of feed per hour, and a producer of chicken fed on grain and pulses, without any antibiotics or meat and bone meal.

Konspol Bis is one of Europe’s leading slaughterhouses for chicken which is air-cooled, with production capacity of 12 thousand chickens per hour. The plant possesses international quality certificates, including BRC and Halal. Konspol bis also houses modern production lines for convenience food.

Konspol Holding – chicken-processing plant, the first plant in Poland to offer products based on unique technology of producing 100% chicken meat products. Currently, the company assortment is composed of over 100 various products of all categories, including: fresh chicken meat, cold meat cuts, pates, sausages, ready meals, thin sausages, barbecue products, Light and gluten-free cold meat cuts. The Nowy Sącz plant’s production capacity is around 4 thousand tons of products per month.

Trans Konspol provides logistic background with its cooler trucks. It also has specialist construction teams and construction know-how on building, for example, a sewage plant or a meat-processing plant.

Konspol Group is especially attractive to clients, as it offers a wide assortment of chicken products, ranging from fresh meat to the most processed deli products, with own delivery in Poland. With consumers’ growing awareness and sensitivity to health properties of food, popularity of Konspol products is also increasing. In spite of the fact that they come from pure chicken meat, our products successfully compete with pork and beef products. This, in addition to their high quality, can be attributed to our unique technology.


Traditional trade: retail and wholesalers
HoReCa sector: B2B, hotels, restaurants
Modern trade: hyper- and supermarkets, discount stores
Export: United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, France