Healthy products

Many people believe you are healthy when you do not suffer from any illness. This, however, is not entirely true.

Health is not only absence of illness, but also a state of full physical and mental harmony. The first symptom of this harmony disturbance id general bad feeling, chronic tiredness, concentration problems, complexion problems, losing hair, etc. These problems might be attributed to overwork, poor diet, too little sleep, etc. Unfortunately we often neglect these symptoms.

Healthy diet is a foundation of our health. Civilization diseases (accounting for 80% of deaths in the contemporary world) largely depend on what our diet includes.

In Konspol we have always taken care of our customers’ health. Thanks to the unique technology, our products are low in fat and cholesterol and they are healthy and tasty.

The goal of our company is to provide diet products, rich in vital nutrients, made from natural ingredients of highest quality.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, you are allergic to gluten, prefer low fat products and take care of your health, try Konspol LIGHT and GLUTEN-FREE products.






This is our recipe for staying healthy for many years.

Proper diet, regular physical activity, keeping work/life balance and optimistic attitude to life.